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Youth Ministry @ SVDP

Confirmation Info & Registration (grades 7-8) a 2 year program starting in 7th grade.

Informacion sobre el Programa de la Confirmacion

When asked why they serve in any one of the ministries that St. Vincent’s offers to the community, our ministers have this commonality: their deep love of their faith, and the desire to share it.  This sharing reaches out to different segments of our Church, as we are one body, many parts.  For a number of reasons, Louise Martin has chosen to minister to our teens; the greatest reason simply being that – she likes them!  As she said recently, “Our teens are the future of our Church; I like to see the spark of their curiosity in God and their faith catch on fire through the youth programs we offer; by providing this ministry, we are creating our future leaders.”  Our mission is to guide teens towards spiritual growth, a deeper knowledge of their Catholic faith, and the commitment to say “yes” to this third and final sacrament of initiation.  It is a life changing event to the point that many return a year later to work as teen leaders for the new Confirmation candidates.  We are so grateful to Louise, to the teens, and to the adults who offer their time and talent in stewardship.

Contact Louise Martin: 707-762-4278

Bienvenidos a Confirmación!

Pronto comenzaran las clases de Confirmación!   Es un paso emocionante en la vida  espiritual de tu hijo  o hija. Recientemente el programa ha cambiado por eso quiero que sepan lo que ha cambiado y que es lo que tienen a su disposición en nuestro sitio en la red o en papel. Esto es lo que …

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Junior High Youth Ministry

 Welcome to St. Vincent de Paul junior high youth ministry for 6th and 7th graders! Diocesan standards have changed, putting 8th graders in our Confirmation program this year. Click here for Confirmation info Junior High Letter Junior High Calendar 2013/2014 Junior High Agreement >> Register online for Youth Ministry <<    

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Teen Confirmation

Louise Martin is the Youth Minister Coordinator.  She approaches teaching with a gift of faith, to help our youth make their confirmation.  If your teen is ready to make his/her confirmation please contact Louise Martin.  This is a two year program.  The new year for confirmation will commence September 2017.  The 2016-2017 is currently closed. …

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