From One of Our Parishioners–February 5, 2021

TODAY, I AM GRATEFUL…Here we are in 2021. The challenges of the past year are behind us. I am grateful for the blessings of 2020 despite the restrictions of the pandemic. My family is healthy and working, thanks to a generous God. I was able to tour the Holy Land in February before Covid shut everything down. Wonderful pilgrimage memories continue to comfort me.

My daughter’s house, barn, and orchard were spared during the fires around Healdsburg. When I feel stressed, I journey up 101 for a walk in Julie’s woodsy property. The fire scars are still apparent, but they remind us of God’s good graces.

A dear friend died at Thanksgiving after a painful bout with bone cancer. God didn’t make her suffer too long before He took her home. I am grateful for the St. Vincent Faith community with their caring support during her illness and the loving remembrances of her passing.

As I sit in my “prayer chair,” I can see the salvia waving in my front yard. Occasionally, shiny, green hummingbirds flit about sipping the nectar from the blossoms. God’s little helicopters encourage me in their beauty. My backyard azalea blossoms make me smile as I think of my late mother who planted them.
Let’s all pray for continuing rain; an end to the pandemic and a speedy rollout of the vaccine. I’m sure we’re all making plans to see family and friends once the restrictions are lifted.

Today I am grateful for the simple blessings in my life such as warm water on my hands and face.

God bless you.
Donna Piezzi