May 08

From Your Associate Pastor ~ May 8, 2020

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and we celebrate our mothers – living and deceased; as well as the women who have nurtured us in various ways during our lives – aunts and grandmothers, teachers and neighbors, mentors, counselors, and coaches. But even more so, during the month of May, as Catholics we turn to Our Blessed Mother, Mary, the first disciple of Christ, and the Mother of the Church.

During this month, many individuals take up in a renewed way the prayer of the Rosary. Others may already be praying a daily Rosary. It can also be an opportunity to memorize a particular Marian Prayer – the Memorarae, the Hail Holy Queen, the Regina Caeli, or the Angelus. Some of these have been set to chant, or adapted into hymns both familiar and unknown.

The Franciscan friars have a particular devotion to the Seven Joys and the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady. There are chaplets commemorating these events, called as the Franciscan Crown. Seven beads of seven prayers; similar to our familiar Rosaries, but different as well.

On Sunday, at 4:00 pm, I will be leading an Evening Prayer in honor of the Queenship of Mary. Follow the links on the parish website to join in this time of prayer. Normally in May, we have public prayers and May Crownings, but our current situation demands certain sacrifices for all of us. 

I long to see your faces, and hear your voices as we pray the Mass. And I miss the daily connection with all of you. Especially those devoted ladies who serve in various liturgical ministries – both publicly and behind the scenes. They are spiritual mothers to all of us who are served by their talents and skills.

Other aspects of Marian devotion are the Consecration to Our Lady, made popular recently by the consecration of the United States, as well as our own diocesan consecration a couple of years ago. 

To all mothers, and those ladies who nurture us all in a motherly fashion – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Let us resolve to pray for each other, and call upon the powerful intercession of Our Blessed Mother, Mary; especially as we move through this month of May.

God bless you! I miss all of you!

— Fr. David