Pastor’s Desk – January 23

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

At the risk of becoming tedious on the subject, I’d like to share a couple of additional thoughts about the current spike of the more contagious Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus. I urge continued vigilance by wearing masks fully in place during the entire Mass, except when receiving Holy Communion – if not out of concern for your own vulnerability, then out of charity for those who still feel less than fully safe, regardless of vaccination status. No one is more weary of this whole thing than I am, but there are still vulnerable adults who would like to continue to attend Mass even during this virus spike and will feel safe to do so only if everybody continues to mask-up a while longer.

Missalettes: since the beginning of the pandemic, we have followed the directive against providing missalettes and yearly hymnals in the pews, as they could not be sanitized and should not be shared. However, we continued to order them and made them available on the table at the entrance of the rectory, on a first-come basis. Recently, we placed the newest batch of missalettesin the pews, and they immediately disappeared. This is understandable due to a reasonable concern about sharing them with others, but it does not solve the issue of providing worship aids for all who want them.

Missalettes are a relatively modern development. In the past, people owned their own durable missals which they used year after year, tracking the Sundays of Ordinary Time, the seasons and feast days. (Like so many old-fashioned ways of doing things, it was environmentally friendly.) Some people now subscribe to Magnificat, a daily missalette with Mass readings for every day ofthe month, historical information on the Saint of the Day, as well as other devotions, and special devotional issues for Advent and Lent.

You are welcome to take a missalette, one per family, please try to bring your copy to mass with you. If you need more copies, please contact the office at 707-762-4278.

Finally, my apologies for this article which is rather more administrative than spiritual, but I wanted to address a concern expressed by a number of our fellow parishioners.


Fr. Bill Donahue

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