Pastor’s Desk – July 24, 2022

Most loving Father, we thank and praise you on this occasion as we remember and give thanks for the gift of Grandparents.
We remember our Grandparents who have gone before us into eternity and pray that they already rejoice with you in heaven.
We remember our Grandparents who are nearing the end of their days. Provide them with a lively sense of peace and comfort in their final days.
We remember Grandparents who engage with us in our daily lives. Lord, may we be most attentive to assuring them of our love and appreciation for what they do and who they are in our lives.
We remember those elders who may have
no grandchildren of their own but who have touched our lives in wonderfully powerful ways.
Father, we pray that you provide these, our loved ones, an abundance of your grace and peace. We pray you shower down upon them every good grace and blessing.

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