Cursillo is a community of people who have gone through a once in a lifetime experience called a Cursillo weekend.  Hopefully, you’ve seen joy and love in the faces of Cursillistas, and you may want to partake in the same experience.    Its roots are Catholic, but our local community is ecumenical.  For more information talk to your friend who is a Cursillista or send an email to:

What Is a Cursillo Weekend?
The weekend experience is three days in a community of persons who are consciously trying to live as Christians. The word “Cursillo” is Spanish for short course and is pronounced Kur-see-yo.   You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas of Christianity with others.  A Cursillo Weekend is NOT a traditional retreat. There is no fasting; there are no long periods of silence, and there is very little solitude.

Who Will Be At Cursillo?
15 to 35 other candidates like yourself – laity and clergy – who are curious, searching, discovering and growing.  Also, Cursillistas who have formed in a team consisting of laity and clergy who have spent several months working together preparing for the weekend for you.

Who Can Go?
The potential candidate makes application through a Cursillista who acts as a sponsor.   Be at least 25 years of age, free to spend Thursday night through Sunday afternoon away from home.

When Are The Weekends? 

  • The Cursillo weekend experience in the Redwood Empire currently has three basic forms:
  • Women only (married or single), held in May, October, and sometimes February.
  • Men only (married or single), held in April and September.
  • Co-Ed (either married or single, with or without their other half) sometimes held in February.