Parishioners dealing with extended recuperation experience a sense of loss in many areas. Among them is the loss of independence which includes their ability to drive themselves to church, receive the sacraments, and partake in the fellowship that a true community of people provides. The Convalescent Home Mass Ministry at St. Vincent’s seeks to lessen that loss and assist our parishioners in continuing to feel connected to the flock. One Tuesday a month, a priest from our parish visits one of the four convalescent homes in Petaluma, presides at a Mass, and offers Communion to these folks. In addition, a volunteer from the ministry brings the gift of the Eucharist every week to the Convalescent Homes. The ministers offer the sacrament, and the gift of friendship and fellowship to feed the spiritual needs of these parish members. We thank those who give of themselves to this ministry, and offer the opportunity to anyone interested in giving their time and talent to the community in this special way. You may call Denise Lempiere at the church rectory, 762-4278, (leave a message and she will call you back), she will gladly guide you through this call to stewardship.