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COTS Food for the Homeless

We accept from God the call to reach out to people with unmet needs, to instill a conviction of God’s love to help them recognize  their own gifts/talents as they experience their limitations and pain. Volunteer opportunities are available in various areas at COTS (Committee on the Shelterless): Food Box Program, Kitchen help, mentoring in the Rent Right,   Kids First, or Work Right  programs, office assistance and various other tasks. Please contact COTS 765-6530 Ext. 111 if you wish to volunteer in this ministry. Marie Fletcher 762-4278 is St. Vincent contact.


Volunteer opportunities are available in various areas:  Food Box Program, cooking, serving in the kitchen, and mentoring in the Rent Right program and various other tasks.  For more information please contact:  Marie Fletcher,  707-762-4278 (the Rectory, she will call you back).