Here’s a riddle for you – How could you possibly make a magnificent church like St. Vincent de Paul even more beautiful than it already is?  Answer:  You call on the Art and Environment Ministry. St. Vincent’s is privileged to have 20 ministers whose efforts are hidden until our doors open for worship.  Their task is no small one: to enhance the liturgy by decorating the altar, and the entire church, as a means of glorifying God, and ultimately creating a setting for a meaningful encounter with Him.  This adornment takes the form of flowers, many of which are donated by the Neve Brothers Nursery, candles, and hand crafted banners artfully matched to the liturgical seasons of Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost.  At Christmas, there are trees, lights, Manger, and a glorious star over the altar.  Our ministers work together to create a design, implement it, then let the parishioners be enveloped by it.

If you feel a calling to offer your stewardship to this ministry, please contact Abraham Solar at 762-4278 Ext 20 or Kim Williams at Ext 12.  They emphasize that a talent in art is not required, just your gift of time.