Pastor’s Desk

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May 29, 2016
Pastor’s Desk

I want to congratulate the young people in our Hispanic community who received their First Holy Communion. This is truly a big event for them and for their families and I pray that the Eucharist will be an essential part of their spiritual lives as they continue to grow.

Oliver Altamirano Díaz, Alejandro Alvarado, Fernando Julián Alvarado Sandoval, Roberto Álvarez Cruz, Jonathan Arango, Emily Azpeitia Pacheco, Chantal Barajas, Diego Barocio Arias, Oscar Oswaldo Barrera, Jacqueline Calvillo Mendoza, Natalia L. Carbajal, Sophia N. Carbajal, Yenifer Carmona Téllez, Cristofer Carmona Téllez, Ismael Alberto Carreño Ortiz, Nayle Melissa Carreón López, Ángel Castellanos García, Josué Gabriel Centeno López, Sergio Cervantes, Isabelle Cervantes, Mariana Chavarin, Luis Antonio Chavarin Pérez, Miranda Paola Chavolla Martínez, Sabina Monserrat Coronilla Zendejas, Areli Cuevas Reyes, Karla Bianey Damián Barrera, Ana Cecilia Damián Hernández, Valeria Díaz, Víctor Manuel Díaz Carranza, Daniel Donan Hernández, Enrique Jesús Flores Mendoza, Josefina Anita García, José Octavio García, Alondra Itzel García Arango, Ángel Eduardo García Medina, Diego Felipe García Rodríguez, Diego Gaytán Antonio, Giselle González, Yaretzi Sherlyn González Alamilla, Arthur Alexander González Alamilla, Oliver Josué González Arévalo, Carlos Guzmán Medina, Uriel Hernández Barrera, Carlos Hernández Caballero, Kristi Hernández Pliego, Stacy Hernández Sanchez, Daily Hernández Sanchez, Michelle Alejandra Juárez Campos, Aarón Darío Kosoff, Brandon López, Ángela Magaña Sandoval, Jacqueline Martínez Carreño, Jesús Martínez Torres, Oliver Jaffet Mayo Saligan, Yajaira AprilMayo Saligan, Alexander Montoya Pérez, Josué Mora Benítez, Brian Moreno Mendoza, Javier Mota Mejía, Anahí Muñoz Pérez, Leslie M. Muñoz Pérez, Nicolás Ocegueda Martínez, Edgar Ochoa Cárdenas, Isaac Ordoñez, Tiffani Ordoñez, Vasty Samantha Ortiz Arango, Jair Gerardo Pacheco Cruz, Jimena Palacios Bello, Laisha Luxari Pelayo, Brandon Iván Pérez, Alejandro E. Pérez, Gael Preciado Carrasco, Cesar Uriel Puga Álvarez, Alexander Quezeda Valencia, Joseph Quezeda Valencia, Misael Ramírez, Monserrat Ramírez Benito, Yulisa Reyes, Adrián Reyes, Alexia Reyes Vallejo, Joshua Alexander Robles Alfaro, Elizabeth Rodríguez, Axel Alejandro Rodríguez Altamirano, Diego Antonio Salas Velasco, Alejandro Sandoval Barocio, Suleyma SanGerman Cortes, Jaquelin Guadalupe Santiago Padilla, Raúl Servenon, Camila Suarez García, Vanessa Tolentino González, Emily Torres López, Cristian Torres Ramírez, Jesús Antonio Urbano Guzmán, Ashlee Leticia Vázquez Martin, Litzy Andrea Velasco Gutiérrez, Dulce María Villanueva Gopar.


God Bless, Fr. Gary


About our Parish and our Website

Our parish mission statement identifies St. Vincent’s as a Eucharist centered people who, as the Body of Christ, live our faith in word and deed by sharing our time, talent, and treasure to support one another and serve those in need.

This website is intended not only to provide you with the information you need about our parish but also to help us build up our life as a community and so help us in our mission. It provides a way for us to connect with each other; and we invite you to use it to share stories, to learn about what’s happening and what’s coming up, and to provide information you think we all need to hear. This site will evolve as our parish evolves; it belongs to all of us. I hope you find it helpful.

“All are Welcome in this Place.”

As one of Father Gary’s favorite hymns, this song speaks to the atmosphere, design, and heart of St. Vincent’s parish: there is a place here for everyone.  In fact, you are not only welcomed, but needed!  As we explore and expand our ideas of just what a Church community is, we recognize first that pivotal life events occur in church: weddings, baptisms, First Communion, Confirmation; but, we also find that we need community in order to be a Spirit filled Church where we praise God, share our faith, and help one another by way of fellowship, and the numerous ministries available to all parishioners. Through our stewardship, the gift of our time and talent, there is a wonderful opportunity to give and receive, to make friends, to help friends, to see how our talents are a gift from God made for sharing.  We are bonded to a group of people with whom we already have at least one thing in common, and that is our faith.  It is our hope that you will use this community website to build bridges and connect with one another, and see that each of us, too, is a gift from God meant to be shared.