Entries by Fr. Bill Donahue

Pastor’s Desk – June 26, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, I would like to take this opportunity for a frank discussion of a few points regarding Eucharistic reception and practice here at St. Vincent’s. While the reception of Holy Communion is intensely personal, it is not merely a personal devotion. It is a communal act of worship and service that requires a priest […]

Pastor’s Desk – May 29, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, Though I try to avoid being too topical in my homilies and letters, there are current events that cannot be ignored. The event now, of course, is the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which is best left without further description. Our prayers are with those little angels and those who love them; […]

Pastor’s Desk – May 22, 2022

Pastor’s Desk Dear Fellow Parishioners, Other than the celebration of the Sacraments, the most important thing I do as pastor is the hiring and coordination of parish staff. We are not so much a staff as a church family dedicated to the service of this parish. After more than 25 years as our Director of […]

Pastor’s Desk – May 15, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, Some years ago, I joined the tens of millions of Americans who have GPS navigation systems in their cars. Within a month, I didn’t know how I ever survived without it. It’s the perfect “back-seat driver:” silent (if you turn off the audio), nearly invisible, and gives directions without critique. Before long, […]

Pastor’s Desk – May 8, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, Mother’s Day is one of the very few, if only, observances celebrated throughout the world. It is truly transcultural. The vast majority of these celebrations take place either on the second Sunday in May, or on another day in Spring, the season of new life. (Consistent with this logic, Argentina celebrates Mother’s […]

Pastor’s Desk – May 1, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, Last Sunday was a busy day, not only in Petaluma, but also on the church calendar. The Second Sunday of Easter has been celebrated under several titles over the years. Some of us remember when it was known as “Low Sunday”– not because it was seen as a big letdown after Easter […]

Pastor’s Desk – Easter Sunday – April 17, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, I had no idea how many people to expect for the Lenten Reconciliation Service. It had been three years since our last Lenten service, and the Advent Reconciliation Service a few months ago was decently, but not heavily, attended. (The masking mandate was still in place.) This time, we had nine priests hearing confessions. […]

Pastor’s Desk – April 10, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, I knew that Palm Sunday was coming when I found the rectory fridge crammed with palms. (There isn’t room left for a tub of yogurt or a Diet Pepsi!) Not content with that, we ordered 200 more, to be sure we had enough for anyone who may want them. Blessed palms will […]

Pastor’s Desk – March 27, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, This weekend, we have the Parable of the Prodigal Son from the Gospel of Luke. It stands alongside the Parable of the Good Samaritan (also in Luke) as perhaps the best-known parable of all the Gospels. The parables are not only biblical teachings from the early days of Christianity, they have become […]

Pastor’s Desk – March 20, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated in our parish on Sunday, March 20th. For the first time since before the COVID pandemic, it will be conferred by the bishop in our parish church. The current group of candidates, and their catechists, have overcome many challenges in their 2-year period of preparation. […]