The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

Planning Your Wedding at St. Vincent’s Church


If you are planning a wedding and would like more information, please call the rectory and ask to speak with a priest.  No wedding will be scheduled until a priest approves and schedules your wedding 707-762-4278.


The St. Vincent’s community rejoices with you in your upcoming marriage and life together! Being engaged is such a special time in your life; we pray that it is the most enriching experience it can be for both of you.

Couples wishing to be married at St. Vincent’s must contact one of the priests at least six months before their wedding date in order to allow sufficient time to complete the period of pre-marriage preparation.

Contact: Parish Office 707-762-4278

Marriage Tribunal: 707-566-3370

Before you say “I do” to one another, say “I will” to the Marriage Preparation Weekend that is lovingly provided by St. Vincent’s and St. James’ Churches for parishioners about to embark on one of life’s greatest adventures.  The weekend of preparation begins with a Friday evening welcome to all the participants who have chosen to have their marriage take place as a sacrament in the Church.  Throughout that evening, and most of Saturday, there are discussions about communication, conflict resolution, decision making, finances, parenting, and the sacrament of Matrimony itself.  There are opportunities to learn about one another and the Church by way of question and answer sessions and exchanges of information between the couple, among the group, and with priests from the parishes.  Later, at the St. James 5:00 p.m. Saturday Mass, the couples proceed into the church with the presider and altar ministers; they are invited to do the readings, bring up the gifts, and come up to the altar as they are presented to, and heartily welcomed by, the Church community.  It is evident to all that their new life together, and the children they may bring into it, are an integral and important component in the life of our parishes, as well.  These Marriage Preparation Weekends are offered in the spring and the fall.

As a parish, we are so grateful to them and to the ministers in this program for giving of their time and talent in stewardship, and for helping these couples take a meaningful step towards a successful future together.

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