For any event or production, whether it be the theatre, art, or the celebration of the Mass, there are the principal performers and then there are those who work on “the other side of the curtain.”  Though unseen, theirs is an important function, and it is to provide whatever is necessary for the event to come together and operate seamlessly.  The Altar Linen Ministry at St. Vincent performs such a service for all of us.  With six weekend Masses, daily 8:00 a.m. Mass, weddings, and funerals, there are between 70 and 120 linens used weekly.  These include the linen purificators, (some of which have been hand-embroidered by members of the ministry),  the corporal for the chalice, altar cloths, and hand towels.  During the Easter season, there are also large linen altar cloths, and vestments to care for.  The washing, ironing, pick-up, and delivery have been faithfully tended to by 15 ministers, many of whom have done so for over ten years.  We thank these devoted parishioners for their dedication, and their stewardship through the gift of time and talent.

If you would like to join this ministry, please contact Noreen Tiernan through the office at 762-4278.