There is a well known advertisement that chastens the world  to “Just do it.”  Brief and to the point, but still  a reminder that sometimes, the best way to get over a hurdle, is to jump it.  One of our long-time lectors had a fear of public speaking, and so she decided that the best way to overcome it was exactly that.  She would “just do it.”  Though that initial incentive brought her into the ministry, it has long since been replaced by something deeper:  the unexpected joy of proclaiming sacred Scripture to the St. Vincent community.  In her words, “Being a lector makes me take an active part in the liturgy; I try to bring the Word alive, and proclaim it in a way that our people hear the message through my inflections, pauses, and eye contact.  It is so gratifying to look up and see the faces of the faithful, listening intently to the Word.”  There are approximately 25 lectors at this time, and Kathie Sullivan, who heads this ministry, notes that we need additional lectors for the 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Masses.

If you feel a calling to proclaim the Scripture readings, please call Kathie at 765-2506.  We gratefully acknowledge all our lectors and thank them for their devotion and dedication to this ministry.