“Sing to Him, sing His praise, proclaim all His wondrous deeds.” 1 Chronicles 16:9

“Sing joyfully to God our strength.” Psalm 81:1

Scripture is filled with exhortations to praise God with our joyful singing.  We at St. Vincent’s are so blessed to have music ministers to help us do just that.  Loyal and devoted, our song leaders are always there waiting for us as we ready ourselves for Mass.  They encourage us to participate in this form of prayer with voices united, and in so doing,  to truly become a community with one voice.  “It is a joy to hear the church reverberating in song!” said one minister. “Singing is an opportunity to give the gift of our talent back to God, and when the instrument of music is in your own body, you become a vessel to communicate with the faithful, and God, in a unique way.” So, we take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank those who lead us in song with their voice, piano, organ,  violin, or drum and those who head the ministry: Marilyn Thompson, Marcia Kostielney, Daniel Rodriguez, Dennis Melfa, Christina Kauk, Eve Gmeiner, and Monica Ramirez.  We remember that in giving, we receive and in receiving, we give.   That is what stewardship is all about.

Contact: Rectory Office 707-762-4278

Sat. 5:00pm Marcia Kostielney

Sun. 7:30am Dennis Melfa

Sun. 9:00am Christina Kauk

Sun. 10:30am Eve Gmeiner


Parish Organist /Pianist 

Marilyn Thompson

Parish Children’s Choir 

“They who sing, pray twice.” This ministry is offered to everyone beginning in 4th grade through high school. Singing is once or twice a month at the 9:00am Mass and occasionally at the Saturday 5:00pm Mass. Rehearsals are held every Friday from 3:30 to 5:00pm.

Contact: Office 762-4278

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