Service Ministries


The Feast of the Epiphany, also known as “Three Kings Day” and “Twelfth Day,” is celebrated in the church.  The word epiphany means “manifestation” or “revelation” and recalls the visit of the wise men (Magi) to the Christ child. On this day, it is fitting to celebrate one of St. Vincent’s Outreach Ministries:  Birthright.  Birthright …

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Convalescent Home Mass Ministry

Parishioners dealing with extended recuperation experience a sense of loss in many areas. Among them is the loss of independence which includes their ability to drive themselves to church, receive the sacraments, and partake in the fellowship that a true community of people provides. The Convalescent Home Mass Ministry at St. Vincent’s seeks to lessen …

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COTS Food for the Homeless

We accept from God the call to reach out to people with unmet needs, to instill a conviction of God’s love to help them recognize  their own gifts/talents as they experience their limitations and pain. Volunteer opportunities are available in various areas at COTS (Committee on the Shelterless): Food Box Program, Kitchen help, mentoring in the …

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Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick

No matter where you are in the world, we, as Catholics, have the celebration of the Mass available to us.  Regardless of the language, we will recognize the universal and ageless rituals, and the solidarity of receiving the Eucharist in a community of Christians where “Amen” is understood wherever it is spoken.  This opportunity may …

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Interfaith Pantry

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty, and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me…” Mt 25:35  The Interfaith Pantry embodies and embraces these words of Jesus, who tells us that when we feed our brothers, we feed Him.  This is an opportunity difficult to resist. The …

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St. Vincent de Paul Society

St. Vincent de Paul Society services the needs of the poor within the parish.  Every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:15 to 2:15 in St. Vincent’s Parish Hall on the corner of Western Ave. and Howard Street, vouchers are distributed on a once a month basis to needy Westside residents.   Please contact Jim Dougherty 707-762-7216.

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