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Pastor’s Desk ~ March 10, 2024

Dear Fellow Parishioners, This weekend we celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Lent, commonly known as “Laetare Sunday.” It is a designation shared by Catholic and most Lutheran and Anglican parishes. To explain, I will begin nearer to the beginning. The two penitential seasons of the Church year, Advent and Lent, prepare us for the two […]

Pastor’s Desk ~ February 25, 2024

Dear Fellow Parishioners, Whenever we have a national 3-day weekend holiday, it leaves me a bit confused, because after a three-day weekend, the remaining 4-day work week is out of proportion. Tuesday feels like Monday, Wednesday feels like Tuesday, etc. Friday comes and – shebang! – the work week is over. Presidents’ Day is a […]

Pastor’s Desk ~ February 18, 2024

Dear Fellow Parishioners, The Gospels often mention that Jesus taught with authority, and not like the scribes and Pharisees. Jesus himself – with notable exceptions – was often non-directive and non-specific, with phrases like, “Go and sin no more.” The fullest yet most concise statement of Lenten regulations is found in the Ash Wednesday Gospel, […]

2024 Lenten Regulations for the Diocese of Santa Rosa

“The Lenten Season has a double character, namely to prepare both catechumens and faithful to celebrate the paschal mystery. The catechumens, both with the Rite of Election and Scrutinies, and by catechesis, are prepared for the celebration of the sacraments of Christian initiation; the faithful, ever more attentive to the Word of God and prayer, […]

Pastor’s Desk ~ February 4, 2024

Dear Fellow Parishioners, I’d like to touch upon a few things happening in our parish community this past week, and the time leading up to Ash Wednesday. This past week – January 28 to February 3 – has been Catholic Schools Week, now celebrating its 50th year. Every year, our schools host what could be […]

Pastor’s Desk ~ January 21, 2024

Dear Fellow Parishioners,        The best way to begin a New Year is with good news. As I mentioned at my Masses last weekend, Deacon Christopher Girolo from our parish has received his priestly ordination date: June 1, 2024. After his original vocational stirrings, followed by long years of study and formation, he is now […]

Pastor’s Desk ~ January 7, 2024

Dear Fellow Parishioners,        Just as Advent came and went so quickly, so the Christmas season will end in a couple of days, with the Feast of Baptism of the Lord on Monday, January 8th. But before we return to Ordinary Time after Monday, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Epiphany, which is the revelation […]

Pastor’s Desk ~ December 31, 2023

Dear Fellow Parishioners, While the liturgical season of Christmas continues for more than another week, commercial Christmas is already winding down. In fact, more of the Christmas season falls in January than in December, and concludes with the feast of the Baptism of the Lord which falls this year on Monday, January 8th. This current […]

Pastor’s Desk ~ December 24, 2023

Dear Fellow Parishioners, Except for God, everything is caused by something else, in life as in liturgy. Until the reforms of Vatican II, the earliest permissible Christmas Mass was Midnight Mass, which began at midnight. St. Vincent’s was the last parish I’m aware of that maintained the authentic Midnight Mass, decades longer than it was […]