Pastor’s Desk ~ January 8, 2023

Dear Fellow Parishioners, By the time this appears in the bulletin, the funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will have taken place. After nearly 10 years as Pope Emeritus, he left the public life of the Church as quietly as he entered it. To place Benedict XVI’s life in better perspective, it might be useful […]

Pastor’s Desk – November 6, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, I thought I’d do something different with the Pastor’s Desk this week, and provide information on a number of matters. Video Masses: For the next several weeks, the Saturday evening Masses will not be posted on the parish website, due to the unavailability of our videographer. While most parishioners have returned to […]

Pastor’s Desk – May 29, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, Though I try to avoid being too topical in my homilies and letters, there are current events that cannot be ignored. The event now, of course, is the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which is best left without further description. Our prayers are with those little angels and those who love them; […]

Pastor’s Desk – May 1, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, Last Sunday was a busy day, not only in Petaluma, but also on the church calendar. The Second Sunday of Easter has been celebrated under several titles over the years. Some of us remember when it was known as “Low Sunday”– not because it was seen as a big letdown after Easter […]

Pastor’s Desk – March 6, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, In recent years, each of our Ash Wednesday observances has differed slightly from the year before, and this year was no exception. We had our usual 8:00 am and 12:15 pm Masses. Later in the morning, Fr. Stuart and I went to the elementary school to provide a Liturgy of the Word […]

Pastor’s Desk – January 16, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, We begin our New Year again with COVID-19 and its variants in the headlines. Fortunately, the new restrictions on indoor gatherings do not apply to houses of worship. Based on our experience of the past many months, I believe our precautions here at SV have been effective in both preventing the transmission […]

Pastor’s Desk – January 2, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners, On Saturday, January 1, we celebrate the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. It is, to use the traditional term, a Holy Day of Obligation. This year, since it falls on Saturday, the obligation to attend Mass is set aside. For that reason, I will share a few thoughts on the feast, […]

Pastor’s Desk – December 19th

Dear Fellow Parishioners, I’d like to share a few thoughts about the upcoming celebrations of the last days of Advent, Christmas, the Feast of the Holy Family, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God and Epiphany. This year, these observances come in very rapid succession, all within 9 days between Christmas and Epiphany. There are 24 […]

Pastor’s Desk – December 5, 2021

Dear Fellow Parishioners, Over the past few days, many of us have paid close attention to reports of the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus. As of this writing, there is one confirmed case in the United States, though that number seems certain to grow. While this is of obvious initial concern, I can’t help […]

Pastor’s Desk – November 26, 2021

Dear Fellow Parishioners, Now that Thanksgiving (but hopefully not the leftovers) are behind us, we can turn our attention to the season of Advent. The grace of a new beginning which this season always brings is especially welcome this year. 1) We will begin scheduling lay lectors for Masses on the First Sunday of Advent. […]