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When asked why they serve in any one of the ministries that St. Vincent’s offers to the community, our ministers have this commonality: their deep love of their faith, and the desire to share it.  This sharing reaches out to different segments of our Church, as we are one body, many parts.  For a number of reasons, Louise Martin has chosen to minister to our teens; the greatest reason simply being that – she likes them!  As she said recently, “Our teens are the future of our Church; I like to see the spark of their curiosity in God and their faith catch on fire through the youth programs we offer; by providing this ministry, we are creating our future leaders.”  St. Vincent’s has a Junior High Youth Ministry for grades 6, 7, and 8, which encourages these young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.  The High School Ministry focuses on their receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.  Its mission is to guide them towards spiritual growth, a deeper knowledge of their Catholic faith, and the commitment to say “yes” to this third and final sacrament of initiation.  It is a life changing event to the point that many return a year later to work as teen leaders for the new Confirmation candidates.  We are so grateful to Louise, to the teens, and to the adults who offer their time and talent in stewardship.

If you would like additional information for your son or daughter, or would like to be part of the ministry, please contact Louise Martin at 762-4278.  It will be a wonderful adventure in faith for you and the young members of St. Vincent’s Church.

St. Vincent’s Youth Ministry has three purposes:  we seek to engage our high school parish in growing and developing their personal and spiritual growth, we form relationships with both youth and adults in our community of believers,  and we  empower them to be leaders working for justice, peace and service in the Petaluma community. Sessions are on Sundays from 10:15am – 11:30am.

Contact: Louise Martin-762-4278, ext. 15

The Sacrament of Confirmation is the completion of the sacraments of initiation. The preparation for Confirmation is part of an overall High School Youth Ministry Program. (Please check the section II – Parish Religious Life and Education). The Confirmation is a one year program.

Contact: Louise Martin-762-4278, ext. 15

We also offer 6 weeks of catechetical sessions during Lent for Catholic adults who wish to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation as a completion of Christian initiation.

Contact: RoseMarie Woodruff-762-4278, ext. 14