Pastor’s Desk – September 3, 2021

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting our Kim Williams at the Vallejo Kaiser Acute Rehab Facility this last Wednesday. As you may know, she suffered a stroke on Thursday night, August 19th and was transferred to Vallejo on Wednesday, August 25th. This is a very fine facility that attracts students from all over the world. Marilyn Lee’s (pianist at 7:30 am mass) daughter-in-law came from Germany to study physical therapy there!

                The stroke mainly affected the right side of her body; she is making great progress in rehab. Her physical therapist observed her as she walked inside the two parallel bars, and said “That’s too easy for you!” So he put her on a walker, observed how she was moving, and said, “That’s too easy for you!” Next he gave her a cane and told the other therapist, “Look at this – she’s doing great!” With Kim’s fantastic attitude, and the excellent care she’s getting, the sky’s the limit.

                And of course, Kim is having a wonderful time. She loves the warm scented towel before meals, and her caregivers (and of course they love her.) She told me that she ordered salmon the other night, just to try it, because she’s always thought that it tasted like chalk. She reports that “It was delicious  – so moist!” She thanks everyone for their good thoughts, cards and prayers and anticipates coming home September 8th, but will miss the people who have been working with her.


Sally Doolittle

(Noelia made me write this report – I hope you enjoyed it!)

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