Pastor’s Desk – November 6, 2022

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

I thought I’d do something different with the Pastor’s Desk this week, and provide information on a number of matters.

Video Masses: For the next several weeks, the Saturday evening Masses will not be posted on the parish website, due to the unavailability of our videographer. While most parishioners have returned to in-person Mass, there are some who continue to watch on-line. A number of viewers reside out-of-town, in the Northeast, and in Ireland. I apologize for any inconvenience until we are able to resume posting weekend Masses. (For those who have not yet returned in person and are able to do so, we miss you.) The weekday Masses will continue to be posted as usual.

Heat: The heat in the church has been turned on. Since we have radiant heat that rises up from under the floor, it takes at least two days for the church to be thoroughly heated. For that reason, it cannot be turned on and off like a home thermostat, depending on the temperature of the day. This time of year it can be in the 30’s one morning, and close to 80 the next day. My slightly flippant suggestion is to dress for Mass as if you were spending the day at Fisherman’s Wharf as a non-tourist – that is, prepared for a range of temperatures.

This week, Ruby Newman, the incomparable artist who brought our church to artistic life several years ago, returned to do some maintenance work and repairs on the exterior pillars at the main entrance. They were beginning to show signs of wear, and I am dedicated to maintaining the beauty of our spiritual home. They were covered with plastic because of the recent rain, but should be visible when you come to Mass this weekend.

Annual Ministries Appeal: Thank you for your generous response to the Ministries Appeal, which supports the lay ministries of the diocese. We have reached our goal, but that is not all. Any further contributions to the AMA from SV parishioners will be refunded 100% to the parish. The point: if you have not yet donated, please consider doing so, as it will return in full to the parish.

Mailbox: Many of you contribute to the parish by mail or by dropping envelopes directly into our rectory mailbox. I am most grateful for this way of participating in the work of the parish. We have just installed a heavy-duty, cast aluminum mailbox to ensure the security of our mail and your contributions, so you can continue to drop off envelopes with confidence.

Repairs to the Rectory: We have begun remodeling the public restroom in the rectory, which has remained largely untouched for at least 65 years, when the stylish colors were Kelly green, salmon pink and black tile and linoleum. It will not be a particularly expensive job, but will make a huge difference to our staff and visitors to the office.

Update on Kim Williams, our former office manager: As you know, Kim retired at the end of June, and has been sorely missed – even though our current staff has stepped up beautifully. I ran into Kim at Costco early this week, and she’s doing very well. She has offered to cook the turkey for our staff Thanksgiving party later this month, while the rest of the staff will bring the side dishes. (I will bring my world-famous deviled eggs.)


Fr. Bill Donahue

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